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It will be as if I never existed.

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Who am I?
I'm the girl who puts everyone miles first before herself, the girl who will spend 5 minutes looking in the fridge for something to eat and then just decide she wasn't that hungry anyways, the girl who makes stories up in her head that can keep her up at night, the girl who loves getting lost in music and escape into a good book, the girl who loves vampires, the girl who is capable of falling for a fictional character, the girl who will pretend to punch her brother and actually punch him by accident and the girl who loves to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy at 4am.
The loves
Twilight, My Chemical Romance,Robert Pattinson, Paramore, Dr.Pepper, Old school Disney,Jackson Rathbone, Photography, Cute is What We Aim For, Kristen Stewart, Supernatural,Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl, The Host,Alot of other bands, Vampires, Reading,Hayley Williams, Frank Iero, Zombie&horror movies,Lindsey Ballato, Might Boosh, Jnes Soda, Play-Doh and alot more
The Hates
Jacob Black, Strawberries,Mean people,Not having your cell for hours and having no texts or missed calls,Miley Cyrus and more (will be continued at another time)
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